Austin Marriage Workshop

The Custom-Built Marital House

Austin Marriage & Premarital Counselor, Carolyn C. Martin, MS, LPC, LMFT offers an 8-Week Workshop for Married and Engaged Couples in Austin

Why should couples attend a workshop on marriage?

  • Couples have a 60% chance of divorcing.
  • Due to the high divorce rate, most couples have very few role models for learning how to have a successful marriage.
  • Most couples are confused by all of the changes in male/female roles in marriage
  • Most couples recognize how difficult it is to make a marriage work these days.

Why should couples attend this workshop?

  • It's the equivalent of doing about six months of marriage counseling or premarital counseling — a savings of hundreds of dollars.
  • It identifies and remedies the underlying problems leading to divorce and marital dissatisfaction.
  • It's presented in a way that makes it easy to understand.
  • Couples will get a materials to take home as a valuable resource for working on their marriage in the years to come.
  • Couples get a free follow-up session after three months to evaluate their progress and identify areas that may need improvement.
  • Couples get discounts on advanced marital workshops in the future.

What will couples do in this workshop?

Building a marriage is very much like building a house. Just as most people dream about having a house built to their unique specifications, most couples dream of having a marriage that meets their unique needs and desires. Just as in building a house, building a marriage needs a blueprint or plan showing how the marriage will look when it's completed. The plan needs to be both feasible and comprehensive, resulting in a sound structure built on solid ground. In this workshop, couples will do the following:

  • Learn the principles governing relationships that put their marriage on solid ground.
  • Discover their foundational beliefs and feelings about marriage, love, and their partner that are either building or destroying the relationship.
  • Find the door to commitment — the marital vows.
  • Determine the walls needed to protect the marriage from outside sources and internal conflict.
  • Explore the “attics of their minds” to find the memories, both good and bad, that have made them the couple they are today.
  • Identify the values they hold dear so they can make room for new ways to keep their marriage passionate, exciting, fun, nurturing, warm, loving, fulfilling, spiritual, complete, and always growing and changing in a positive direction.

Carolyn designed this workshop to teach couples how to build a happy, stable marriage. The workshop is based on:

  • The most recent and significant research into what predicts divorce and how to have a successful marriage, including Dr. John Gottman's 40-year study of over 2000 couples.
  • Models and theories of various authors, including Stephen R. Covey and Thomas Crum.
  • Carolyn's 20+ years of experience and observations in the field of counseling.
  • Carolyn's 39 years of experience and observations in her own marriage.

In the workshop, there will be role plays and humorous stories by Carolyn and her husband, Randy, plus experiences in which couples will work privately on important issues in their relationship.

The workshop is presented by Carolyn C. Martin, M.S. Carolyn is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Counsler and Certified Gottman Educator.

Call for more information concerning the next workshop, fee, and location of the workshop. Carolyn can be reached at 512-795-0402 and is located at 5808 Balcones, Ste 201, Austin, Texas 78731