Testimonials from Former Clients


Premarital Counseling

"We've been married for almost a year and a half now and we are doing great! Marriage has proven to be a lot of work and communication with indescribable rewards. We reflect on your words often." ~T & M

Individual Counseling

"Thank you for helping me be more at peace with myself. There are still bad days, but I cope better now. You are so good to talk to and I needed that so much." ~K

"Thank you for everything! --For helping me in so many meaningful and important ways. For sharing with me the gift of your wisdom and guidance. For encouraging me to grow, and for making a real difference in my life--THANK YOU." ~KM

"Carolyn, thank you for your continued patience with me. I am learning so much from you and the books you have suggested." ~JN

"Carolyn, sometimes simply paying a professional for a job well done doesn't seem like enough. I wanted to thank you for your support and sound words. You helped me through a difficult time in a way that my friends and family could not. You were the voice that said, 'You are not crazy.' Thank you." ~BV

"Carolyn, you are a great source of stability when I need one. Thank you." ~V

"Thank you so much for helping me through such a difficult part of my life." ~AJ

"I will always feel grateful that you met with me so late in the evening, that was such a huge favor. I may be in to see you again as I feel you were helpful to me." ~N

"I was driving near your office and it made me think about the time I spent in your office. I just wanted you to know that you truly helped me in ways that "Thank You" will never cover. :) I have accepted that my situation will never be 'cured'. Only now, I face my issues head on, with a lot of tears, but with much less fear. Yay!" ~MD

Family Counseling

All is well with our family. Many thanks to you for that! I can't thank you enough for the help you provided to us. We've been doing so great! ~AM

Infidelity Counseling

"Carolyn, I just wanted to THANK YOU. Your guidance and approach was a positive experience for me during our therapy. It was of vital importance that I learn how to deal with my husband's affair and learn to heal myself and forgive him so we could begin again. I will always think of you as a postive influence in my life." ~GM

"When my wife and I first had trouble in our marriage, it was one of the worst times of my life. When I opened the phone book to look for a marriage counselor and picked your name at random, I did it mostly becuase it was literally the only thing I could think to do, and not out of any real hope that a counselor would solve problems as big as ours. I was definitely clutching at straws. After the very first session, I knew I had been very lucky, and that I'd found a person who really had the wisdom and knowledge to help us begin to put things together again. Today, we continue to be very, very happy — happier than we ever were before our problems began. Not only did you teach us how to deal with the affair that nearly tore us apart, but you taught us how to communicate, how to fight without hurting each other, and how to let go of the guilt, anger and shame that make little problems into big ones. Although we still face the same difficulties that many couples face in the course of a marriage, you've given us many of the skills we need to solve them. It's not unusual at all that in the middle of a discussion or argument, your name will come up, along with some of the advice you gave us. It's impossible that a few modest words can thank you for what you did for us. Nevertheless, I wanted you to know that we still think about you, that you've had a postive and lasting effect in our lives." ~MS

"I can't imagine where my wife and I would be without your help. I am forever grateful for your guidence. We are once again the kind of couple that makes others jealous." ~AD

"You were great, thanks for all the help!!" ~DF

Marriage Counseling

"Carolyn, thank you for all your good work in helping us to "save" our marriage. We appreciate your wisdom and your wit! ~JS

"For the first time my husband and I were very honest with one another and solved a lot of issues. I am so thankful to you for all you have helped me with. You have helped my marriage immensely. Thank you." ~A

"My wife and I are doing really well. We consistently reference the tools you instilled in us to make it through! Thank you." ~DM

"I just wanted to thank you for the help you gave my husband and me. He has become so much stronger since you started helping him. I know that your sessions with him have ended, but I wanted you to know what a difference you made in his life. I know that it's your job — but you gave much more than that! I sincerely thank you." ~BP

Divorce Counseling

"Thank you for the role you played in my life. You and your words of wisdom have not and will never be forgotten. I have come a long way in my life since we last met. You might say I'm still the same loving person in my core but boy have I grown! You would be so proud how I have stepped up to deal with the difficult people in my life. Thank you a WHOLE BUNCH!" ~IH