Bringing Baby Home Group Sessions

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The Bringing Baby Home Program is a 2-day workshop offered in Austin, Texas and is based on the research of John Gottman, Ph.D. and taught by counselor and psychotherapist, Carolyn C. Martin, M.S., L.P.C., L.M.F.T., a Certified Gottman Educator. The workshop is designed to provide couples with research-based information that can dramatically change the course of their relationship by providing new parents with the knowledge and skills necessary to cope constructively with the birth of a child. Participation in the workshop can be before the birth of your child or up to one year after the child is born.

In the workshop, you will learn how to:

  1. Strengthen the friendship in your relationship
  2. Increase intimacy
  3. Regulate conflict
  4. Foster child development
  5. Keep dads involved

By attending the workshop, you will learn skills for how to parent in a sensitive and responsive manner and help to insure your child's emotional, social, cognitive, and physical health. You will discover how to encourage early parent-infant dialogue and increase positive communication, ritual development, and shared meaning for the whole family. Come join us!

For more information, call Carolyn C. Martin at 512-795-0402

Located at 5808 Balcones, Ste 201, Austin, Texas 78731

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